A Masterclass in HIV and Coinfection Clinical Education
16:2' 2/4/2017

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to invite you to nominate participants to two exciting training programs being undertaken in collaboration with the Asia Pacific AIDS and Coinfections Conference (APACC) in Hong Kong in May and June 2017.

with a specific interest in clinical education. There is considerable interest in the course and participant numbers are strictly limited to 18. Clinicians and health educators with a role in workforce development are encouraged to apply and applications should be supported by a professional organisation, College or employer.


Intensive Fundamentals Course in HIV and Coinfection is being held on Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 1 June (morning). Immediately before the opening of the APACC. This course will provide clinicians, particularly those who are new to the HIV and/or coinfections area, with a great entry to this work area. It will also provide a strong underpinning to the more cutting edge research which will be presented at the APACC.

This is a very interactive program and participants will get an opportunity to learn from peers and discuss practicalities within their own countries, locations and clinical environments. Participants from the Masterclass with be directly involved in teaching on this program.


Details about the conference can be found at


Limited scholarships are available.

For further information please contact

Levinia.crooks@ashm.org.au or Edward.reis@ashm.org.au

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